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Directions to NaMestoy Farm (from south - Atlanta)

GA400N to Highway 369 west (left at light) 6.3 miles to right on Whitmire Road (Just past Wallace Tatum Road) 1.4 miles to property on right just past Matt's Landing. 7490 Whitmire Road, Cumming, 30028

Phone: 770-205-9358

Ongoing Events At NaMestoy Farm

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From Nancy

Peter is speaking in Nashville Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday Relationship Tune-Up Workshop is postponed to a later date (to be announced) and there is No Yo-Chi-Ahh!!! class or Ben's Meditation Session on Sunday.


Coming In October

​ Relationship Tune Up (date to be announced) 
11:00AM - 2 PM With Peter Vajda


The Four Noble Truths of Relationship

Relationships are uncomfortable 

 feelings of fear, or being hurt, misunderstood, disappointed, stressed, rejected or ignored arise over and over. This is life in relationship — even happy relationships. Impermanence leads to terror and bliss, highs and lows, love and hate - the roller-coaster experience of relationship. If you're looking to live your relationship on the "happy-only" end of the continuum, please disregard this notice. If you want to experience aliveness, authenticity, chaos, depth, sadness and meaning in your relationship, the Four Nobel Truths can help you understand what you long for and fear the most — love.

Understanding and Working with "Internal Knots" 

Buddhist psychology refers to internal formations, fetters or "knots" as the experience we have when, for example, our partner says something unkind to us and we then become reactive, confused or irritated. Our lack of understanding is the basis of every "knot" we experience. Often in our relationships we become uncomfortable with the fear, anger, and resentment or regrets these "knots" cause. Rather than face our emotional reactivity head-on, we resort to defense mechanisms in order to bury these emotions. Recognizing the knot in the moment provides us with an opportunity for deeper exploration and clarity — the path to inner peace, calm, harmony and balance within our self and between our self and our partner.

Why Accommodating to Your Partner May Be Unhealthy

Many folks believe a heathy, loving relationship requires us to sacrifice some of our requirements, wants or needs "for the good of the order." However, can sacrifice sometimes undermine our relationship? Some recent research shows that accommodating our partner can, in fact, sometimes lead to resentment, regret and depression. How so?

Suggested offering: $15 per person. Everyone is welcome to attend and Gratitude Offerings are acceptable if you are unable to pay the suggested offering.
RSVP: Pvajda(at)truenorthpartnering.com 770-804-9125


About Our Sacred Circle

When we sit and gaze together in Circle, we wait for inspiration; and when it comes, we speak as the aligned beings we know ourselves to be.. Everyone is welcome to join us. 
No reservations are necessary, and there is no fee.....

I must tell you that our Sacred Circle on Mondays is a most special time for me; and my daughter, Carrie, even plans her visits to NaMestoy around this special gathering. And now we are also attending a similar group on Tuesdays at 1pm hosted by Kim Lemen in her lovely home in Canton. I envision more and more of these Circles of Light shining forth throughout Metropolitan Atlanta. If you, too, feel the call to host a group in your local community, I will be happy to support you in this. When getting started there may be just one person show up, so I would be that third person until there are some regulars attending.

In a country of people who don't seem to have the time to build deep relationships, the Vision Alignment Project presents this vision:
"We see a world where groups and circles of people gather together regularly to support one another in the manifestation of whatever their individual dreams are; where people easily align with each other because everyone wants only for the highest good of all... devoting time together for the sacred aspects of life; where they remember to create a spiritual environment that makes it easy for everyone in the community to experience Oneness."

  Sacred Circle Mondays 9-11 am 
When we sit together in Circle, we wait for inspiration; and when it comes, we speak as the enlightened beings we know ourselves to be.. Everyone is welcome to join us. No reservations are necessary, and there is no fee.....

Yo-Chi-AHHH! - cancelled for Sunday 10-1
with Peter Vajda

Yo-Chi-Ahhh consists of physical movement and mental exercises that use the body's life force energy to enhance the physical and emotional body, and the brain, by restoring the healthy functioning of the energy pathways that affect the major organs and emotional states. Yo-Chi-Ahhh supports people to activate the natural healing energy within their own body. In a time where stress is the leading challenge to the health of Americans, this is a system for harmony, balance and well-being that can make an on-going difference in people’s lives. “Brain Respiration” exercises focus on stress relief as it impacts the brain as well as enhancing the integration of both right and left brain functions resulting in greater clarity, increased creativity and a greater ability to perform well in life's everyday circumstance. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Yoga mats are required.
Love Offerings accepted, but not expected

Meditation With Bert 

Everyone is invited to our meditation sessions. Our first silent meditation is 15 minutes, from 11:00 - 11:15. Our second is 30 minutes from 11:20 - 11:50. The third is an hour, from 11:50 - 12:50. The fourth is an hour, from 1:00 - 2:00 and the last is 45 minutes, from 2:10 -3:00. We sit in silence together most of the time and take breaks occasionally for walking meditation and brief discussions. You may come and go as you please while still respecting the silence. Bert Levitt is our esteemed facilitator.
Donation: Free

Dowsing With Johnny - no date for June or July

Johnny is a spiritual teacher/preacher who has also become an expert Dowser. He has showed us how to change the PH of our water, clear dark energy from our homes, release the harmful effects of our microwaves, remember past lives, and so much more! Johnny is at NaMestoy Farm every third Thursday of the month to share how he gets clarity about almost everything.
Donation: Free
Healing Circle With Karen - no date as yet for Sept.

Karen Cole, our beloved energy healer, is the conduit through which blocks in our mind, body, and spirit are removed so that our natural ability to heal ourselves is released. Karen will be working with individuals in the meditation room while the rest of us will be receiving healing from the Gongs and group healing from one another. 
Love offerings accepted

Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,

So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;

Radiating kindness over the entire world

Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded

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