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Tenzin Lama Sherpa 
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There are still appointments available for hour long Reiki Healing Sessions with Tenzin Lama Sherpa. Call Nancy (770-205-9358) or email her (namestoy@att.net) ASAP to book your appointment. He leaves August 17

About Tenzin Lama Sherpa
Tenzin is a Master Reiki Healer and Global visiting Master Teacher of Buddhist Principles. He teaches Buddhist Meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and Usui Reiki to groups and individuals throughout the world. He also offers Reiki healing to individuals. Many attest to the fact that their health improved considerably after just one healing session with this Master healer.
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August Events

August 16 Closing Ceremony with Tenzin Lama Sherpa

August 17 - 20 Decatur Arts featuring Tenzin Lama Sherpa


​August 19 Time Management 1-5PM
with Peter Pvadja

Time management is never – ever – about time. In spite of all the time management tools and techniques with which we're bombarded daily, we don't seem to be improving on the efficiency with which we live our lives. Each of us has three options: increase the amount of available time we have, reduce the number of tasks we choose to engage in or change the amount of time we spend on a task (i.e., efficiency and productivity). Our common strategy is to rob Peter to pay Paul. Self-sabotaging trade-offs usually result in ignoring what we need most, e.g., exercise, "me" time, sleep, personal growth, healthy relationships, etc. The result commonly is stress and stress-related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and addiction in its various forms.


Understand how and why doing the right thing results in a clear, purposeful path to success and well-being
Understand how and why doing things in the right way leads to increased productivity, focus and efficiency
Understand how and why 100% productivity supports one to experience less stress, and a greater sense of wellbeing - mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically
Understand how and why a life purpose facilitates the choices and decisions we make that allow us to manage use time more self-responsible
Understand the research explaining how and why multitasking is the greatest obstacle to efficient and effective time management.

Take aways:

  Greater awareness about what gets in the way, specifically, of our managing time effectively and selfresponsibly
  Understanding of how and why our capacity to say "no" to distractions (e.g., people, tasks, activities…) supports our mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.
  Time management is never about time.
  One of the best performance enhancement tools is – sleep
  The most important asset we have to get things done is energy, not me. 

Audience: Those whose efficiency, productivity and mental, physical and emotional well-being are adversely affected by their inability or unwillingness to deal with, and manage, time in an effective, efficient and self-responsible manner.
Suggested offering: $35 per person. Everyone is welcome to attend and Gratitude Offerings are acceptable if you are unable to pay the suggested offering.
Namestoy Farm 7490 Whitmire Rd. Cumming GA 30028 www.namestoyfarm.com/
RSVP: Pvajda(at)truenorthpartnering.com 770-804-9125 

August 20 Relationship Tune Up 11:00 - 2 PM
  with Peter Pvadja
Signs You're Being Selfish in Your Relationship?- Experiencing a relations with someone you love and care about can be a wonderful experience. You support and rely on each other while being accepting and non-judgmental of one another. In the real world of relationship, however, we sometimes exhibit selfish behaviors – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. 

Are You Self-Sabotaging in Your Relationship?- Our love relationship can bring us some of our greatest joy, peace and happiness. At the same time, it can also be the source of our greatest pains. 

#1 Quality to Look For in a Dating Relationship- If you're engaged in the dating scene, there's a ton of information you're sifting through in your mind — am I ready emotionally, how attractive am I to the other, how will I know if the other is "the one," how attracted is the other to me, can I envision a life with the other, do I see myself having a second or third date…
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Coming in September

September 9 - 10 HeartSoak  
Saniel & Linda-Groves Bonder  

September 22 - 24 Songwriting Retreat  
John Stringer

Coming In October
October 7 Mind Over Matter 12pm - 4pm
Why Understanding Your Energy Matters to your Health and Happiness
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Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome To NaMestoy Farm  

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit........


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Ongoing Events

Sacred Circle Mondays 9AM - 11AM
Yo-Chi-AHHH! Sundays 9:30AM - 10:45AM
Healing Circle With Karen August 27 1PM - 3PM
Meditation With Bert September 3 11AM - 3PM

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News Flash!!!
NaMestoy Farm featured in Home Magazine of North Georgia

Nancy's Notes

How fortunate we have, once again, been to have Tenzin Lama Sherpa living at NaMestoy for a whole month. What a difference he has made in our lives! It's amazing how one person who really loves what he is being and doing can elevate the energy of so many people. Low level living hasn't been given a chance to stay here very long for the past month. The minute Tenzin walks into the room the lights are on high beam! He's energized, welcoming, laughing...helping us shift from our often over-powering thinking, analytical minds into our heart minds.

I wish I'd kept count of how many reiki healings he has given and how many Dharma talks he has given to so many people. He is on call twenty-four hour a day. His first appointment is with Ben at 7am every morning. They meditate and do breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are so important, he says. It helps bring the vital energy down from the thinking mind into into the heart mind. That's where we should always be living from...a heart full of love and compassion. That is our True Nature. Breathing and meditation bring joy into the whole being. Tenzin continuously talks about how precious this present life is. Our five senses are enough to fill us with joy all the time if we have True Awareness flowing through each of them spontaneously. We don't need anything else to make us happy. Tenzin's only belongings are his robe, shoes and a cell phone. He carries everything he has in a little bag.  

When I took tenzin to visit my recliner-bound cousin, who is in constant pain and has almost everything wrong with her, he talked with her about the preciousness of her life. He said (not his exact words) "You are lying here all day and night. You can do no harm. Many people are out there running around doing lots of harm to others and the environment. Don't keep trying to change things. Life is always happening. Sit in the silence, feel the loving kindness that is always in your heart. Breathe it in and send it out to every sentient being. You may be on your death bed, but you don't know how long you will stay alive. Be fully alive as long as you are in your body. Don't ever give up on the life you are living. Live in awe and wonder and continue to allow your loving-kindness to grow."

We have another vibration raising man living here at NaMestoy. Most of you already know him. The thing he and Tenzin have in common is that they really love the work they are doing. Peter speaks at conferences all around the South. He talks about classroom management at teacher's conferences, time management at business conferences, and relationships at any type of conference. Whatever topic, Peter has the enthusiasm to research it and deliver it in a humorous, enlightening manner. And another aspect of his work he probably enjoys most is offering Yo -Chi -AHH! to senior citizens. He teaches a large class in a Sandy Springs Senior Center and he now has two offers to work in Senior Centers in Forsyth.

Both Tenzin Lama Sherpa and Dr. Peter Vajda continually do their work with love and joy. Kahlil Gibran speaks about the way they work:

Work is love made visible
And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy

I will be taking Tenzin to Decatur Thursday morning, and he will leave for New York on Sunday afternoon to reconnect with his family. After a few days there, he will "work" in Tampa and then visit the Nepoli communities in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington. Meanwhile back at the farm all of us will continue to follow Tenzin and Peter's example doing the work we are called to with love and joy. Peter has two workshops this weekend.... Come experience his enthusiasm!


Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,

So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;

Radiating kindness over the entire world

Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded

How could anyone ever tell you you were anything less than beautiful.  

How could anyone ever tell you you were less than whole.  

How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle

and how deeply you're connected to my soul. (lyrics by Libby Rodrich)
From left to right Staci Tye, Karen Cole, Nancy Amestoy, Tenzin Lama Sherp, Shankar & Renee Subramanium, and Mary Ann Witcher