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September Events

September 22 - 24 Song Writer's Retreat
with John Stringer (booked)


September 30 Relationship Tune Up  
11:00AM - 2 PM With Peter Vajda

The Four Noble Truths of Relationship

Relationships are uncomfortable — feelings of fear, or being hurt, misunderstood, disappointed, stressed, rejected or ignored arise over and over. This is life in relationship — even happy relationships. Impermanence leads to terror and bliss, highs and lows, love and hate —
the roller-coaster experience of relationship. If you're looking to live your relationship on the "happy-only" end of the continuum, please disregard this notice. If you want to experience aliveness, authenticity, chaos, depth, sadness and meaning in your relationship, the Four Nobel Truths can help you understand what you long for and fear the most — love.

Understanding and Working with "Internal Knots" 

Buddhist psychology refers to internal formations, fetters or "knots" as the experience we have when, for example, our partner says something unkind to us and we then become reactive, confused or irritated. Our lack of understanding is the basis of every "knot" we experience. Often in our relationships we become uncomfortable with the fear, anger, and resentment or regrets these "knots" cause. Rather than face our emotional reactivity head-on, we resort to defense mechanisms in order to bury these emotions. Recognizing the knot in the moment provides us with an opportunity for deeper exploration and clarity — the path to inner peace, calm, harmony and balance within our self and between our self and our partner.

Why Accommodating to Your Partner May Be Unhealthy

Many folks believe a heathy, loving relationship requires us to sacrifice some of our requirements, wants or needs "for the good of the order." However, can sacrifice sometimes undermine our relationship? Some recent research shows that accommodating our partner can, in fact, sometimes lead to resentment, regret and depression. How so?

Suggested offering: $15 per person. Everyone is welcome to attend and Gratitude Offerings are acceptable if you are unable to pay the suggested offering.
RSVP: Pvajda(at)truenorthpartnering.com 770-804-9125


Coming In October

October 7 Mind Over Matter 12pm - 4pm
Why Understanding Your Energy Matters to your Health and Happiness

All matter in the universe is made up of energy. Acting as a perceptual center that transmits and receives information from the body and the environment, The Human Energy Field (HEF) is an electromagnetic field located approximately 3-4 feet from your physical body. What happens in the body begins in the field. The HEF stores your entire history. Thoughts, beliefs and life experiences are recorded there. The tone in which you send and receive energy creates the pattern in which you live your life.The more joy we store, the more joy we live. Imbalances and disruptions in the flow can cause unhealthy emotional and physical conditions. Join us to learn more about the vital role energy plays in your overall health and well-being and how changing your energy can change your life. Workshop will include an interactive exercise giving attendees an opportunity to see, sense and experience the bio field. 

Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner, Facilitator of Unity Circles, Coauthor of The 28 Day Thought Diet... Investment $65 WWW. Mindystrich.com ThoughtDietandF.A.I.T.H. 

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome To NaMestoy Farm  

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit........


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Ongoing Events

Sacred Circle Mondays 9AM - 11AM

Yo-Chi-AHHH! Sundays 9:30AM - 10:45AM - cancelled for 9-24-17

see calendar page for updates & details on Ongoing Events

News Flash!!!
NaMestoy Farm featured in Home Magazine of North Georgia

Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,

So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;

Radiating kindness over the entire world

Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded

How could anyone ever tell you you were anything less than beautiful.  

How could anyone ever tell you you were less than whole.  

How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle

and how deeply you're connected to my soul. (lyrics by Libby Rodrich)
From left to right Staci Tye, Karen Cole, Nancy Amestoy, Tenzin Lama Sherp, Shankar & Renee Subramanium, and Mary Ann Witcher

Nancy's Notes......

Just wanted all of you to know, if you don't already, that our cause made headlines in Forsyth County News....."Eagle Poiint Landfill gas refinery likely halted." The article starts, "It appears issues surrounding a north Forsyth landfill may not be settled this week. (My summary)....Commissioners are scheduled to discuss a rezoning request for a conditional use permit at a regular meeting on Thursday to allow Clan Eagle to move ahead with a plan to rezone 10.4 acres from agrriculture to restricted industrial for a gas refinery plant at Eagle Point Landfill.

However, District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said the item will likely be postponed as the county, the landfill owners and area residents work on a memorandum of understanding relating to the planned expansion of the landfill, a separate issue.

"In talking to legal and other commissioners, we feel as if we need to resolve the Admvance Disposal memorandum of understanding with the county and the citizens before we move forward with Clean Eagle." We are hoping to do that in a very timely manner and, for that reason, we think that this issue with Clean Eagle will in all likelihood be postponed this month."....... 

Mills said the planned expansion of the landfill is not handled by the county...."That's a state process, and we have no say in the expansion. I mean, it doesn't come to us whatsoever. The expansion is decided on by Georgia EPD, and it's a state process.

Still, many who oppose the expansion have also voiced concerns over the refinery plant, and Mills said the county is hoping to get all issues settled before moving ahead. "It's all a part of the conversation that we're having with the community and upsetting to the community, so they're all issues that are intertwined in some way. We've got to take care of issue one before we tale care of issue two."

Opponents of the expansion have raised issues with potential smell and environmental issues, particularly for the nearby Etowah River. Mills said she would like to see state lawmakers take a look at the process and requirements for landfills. "I think there's a lot of gaps that exist in today's process that the state has put in place," she said. "I wish that our state delegation would look at that process and where the gaps exist and try to fix some of that."

District 27 state Sen. Michael williams issued a statement on Tuesday on landfills, saying Georgia needs to focus on its own trash and not be used for storing waste, particularly coal ash, from surrounding states. "Georgia cannot be the dumping ground of the South. Our citizens deserve better than garbage and coal ash from surrounding states being dumped in their backyards," he said. "We must do all we can to protect the wellbeing and health of our citizens, and that starts with ensuring their water supply and property is not affected by overflowing landfills."

Love, Nancy

Nancy, Tenzin & Honored Guests
      Nancy and Her Brothers at NaMestoy Farm