​Serene Retreat in North Georgia

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm


Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome To NaMestoy Farm  

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit........


Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,

So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;

Radiating kindness over the entire world

Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded

How could anyone ever tell you you were anything less than beautiful.  
How could anyone ever tell you you were less than whole.  
How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle
and how deeply you're connected to my soul. (lyrics by Libby Rodrich)
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* February Events*

February 18 Fire Ceremony/Gongscape
5:00PM - 7:30PM 
Dee Doanes & Yogiray Kessler

Healing People and The Planet.
Dee Doanes aka "The Tree Hugger In High Heels" is initiated in Agnihotra. She will lead an Ayurveda breathing exercise and the Agnihotra Sunset Fire Meditation Ceremony. Her motto is: “Healthy earth, healthy you!”

Yogiray brings a full hour of Gongscapes™ to deepen and widen the effects. Bring your favorite relaxation gear to lay out and journey.

This amazing evening of Ancient Technology For Modern Times is a first-time collaboration lovingly offered for Love Offering. Mark your calendar and prepare your soul.

more details on Calendar Page


February 19 10AM - 1PM Peter Vajda
Conscious Relationship Workshop
  (Monthly Tune-Up)

How Do I Know If I'm Co-Dependent?
The term codependency has been around for almost four decades. Research reveals that the characteristics of codependents are much more prevalent in the general population than had been imagined. 

The Importance of Physical Touch
Touch is a part of the physical closeness of two people that we cannot achieve at a distance. For this reason, touch gives us the sense of connectedness with our partner. .

Feelings: To Withhold or Not To Withhold?
Research show that stuffing our emotions can be as harmful to a couple as blasting one another in anger. 

This session is intended for those in a new relationship, have been in a relationship for years or contemplating moving into a relationship. No need to have attended any other workshop in this relationship series. 
for further details please see calendar page

Nancy's Notes


My question this Valentine Day is, "How can I become more loving?"  

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj answered my question today in my morning reading. 

"You need not get at it, for you are it. It will get at you, if you give it a chance. Let go your attachment to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly step into its own. Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn upon you. With this will come great love which is not choice or predilection, or attachment, but a power which makes all things love-worthy and lovable."

In Love With Life,


Ongoing Events at Namestoy Farm

 Sacred Circle Mondays 9-11 am  

 "You Grow Girl!" Saturdays 9AM - 11AM

 Healing Circle  Sunday Feb. 26 1-3pm

Meditation With Bert Sunday March 5 11AM - 3PM


 Skyping With Tenzin​

Stay tuned for information about upcoming monthly online meetings with Tenzin Lama Sherpa


  Nancy & Family in Prospect Park, NY on her 70th Birthday
Quotes To Ponder

 "I can still only think of God as the one who allows everything, the one who is not caught up in the whole inexhaustible drama." Rainier Maria Rilke

 "It is quite possible to listen to God's Voice all through the day without interrupting your regular activities in any way. The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not." A Course in Miracles