​Serene Retreat in North Georgia

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome To NaMestoy Farm  

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit........


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NaMestoy Farm featured in Home Magazine of North Georgia

August Event​s

 Please Read Carefully...Major Changes

Tenzin's Reiki Appointments
There are Reiki appointments still available on Sunday, August 5 and Monday, August 6.  

Donation: Love offering

Vipasana Silent Meditation Retreat will be a One - Day Only Retreat August 4th 8:00-5:00 pm ($50)
If you want to come but don't have the resources, let us know. No one will be turned away...

Meals included & Friday night lodging available
To register for the Vipasana Silent Meditation Retreat or for individual healing sessions with Tenzin contact:
peter vajda
You can pay for sessions, etc. on the day you are here


August 4 Silent Meditation With Tenzin 8am - 5pm  
meal included

August 5 Farewell Ceremony With Dharma Talk 5:30


August 5 Sound Therapy With Michael Burke 6:30

If you’ve ever had difficulty meditating, this experience may be just what you’re looking for. Attain the deep relaxation and inner peace that meditation produces while receiving the wonderful benefits of sound healing. Sacred Sound Meditation incorporates Tibetan singing bowls, various wind chimes, wind gongs, and rain-sticks, along with some spoken word and/or guided meditation, depending on the specific session. These particular sounds balance the brain by inducing a binaural atmosphere where inner peace is achieved and deep relaxation is felt throughout the body. Please come join us for this amazing meditative experience.

Michael Burke has been a sound therapy practitioner for over 10 years and is a member of ISTA (International Sound Therapy Association). He’s a published poet and has been creating poetry since childhood. Today, Michael performs his poetry pieces during live meditations and is currently the director of The Sound Ministry at Unity North Atlanta.

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Sacred Circle - Ongoing Mondays  9am - 11am

As Leonard Cohen once said about the benefits of many years of meditation, 
"The less there was of me, the happier I got" 

Beloved Community,

How wonderful to have a community of people who continue to pursue the internal path that will never come to an end. We've heard it said so many times, "We are spiritual beings having a physical experience," but most of us spend our time pursuing the pleasures of the world, and we are seeing just how attached our political leaders are to the "things" of the world... In my fundamental Christianity days, I put a tune to this scripture, "the lust of the flesh & the lust of the eyes & the pride of life are not of the Father, but of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of the Lord abideth forevermore..."

NaMestoy Farm has had the privilege of living with a man who takes that scripture seriously (even though he is a Buddhist). He has no material goods. He is here to serve anyone who needs him. And "He heals the broken hearted, opens wide the prison door, and is able to deliver evermore." Ah! All these Bible verses are coming back to me this morning because Tenzin is a living example of them all.....The Word of God becoming flesh.

Love, Nancy

This will be Tenzin's last weekend here. He has been in San Francisco for the last few days leading the Nepalese Community he serves there in a big celebration. He is returning here at NaMestoy today for the One day Silent Meditation Retreat on Saturday and the Farewell Ceremony and Sound Therapy Experience on Sunday. Everyone is invited to the banquet, but only a few of us will take the time to, once again, explore this inner journey to the core of our Being. It's rather tedious for a while, but there's always the possibility that our waiting in Silence will explode into the greatest Joy of all!

This is the Schedule

August 4 Silent Meditation With Tenzin 8am - 5pm  
meal included

August 5 Farewell Ceremony With Dharma Talk 5:30

Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,
So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;
Radiating kindness over the entire world
Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded