​Serene Retreat in North Georgia

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome To NaMestoy Farm  

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit........


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September Events

September 2 Meditating With Bert 10AM - 2PM

Bert Levitt MA, LPC has been working with couples and individuals for over 38 years. He has seen firsthand that everyone has within them the ability to change. The skills set that Bert brings to his practice comes from a wide array of sources and experiences.

He has worked with abusive partners, addicts, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain syndrome, and numerous other conditions, as well as all sorts of life and relationship issues. Working with couples to clarify intentions and act skillfully is a special focus. His marriage of 35 years has been his greatest teacher in couples counseling. 

Bert has been nurturing and facilitating our meditation group here at NaMestoy since its birth in 2011. This is what he has to say about meditation: "My life long spiritual quest has led to my current meditative practice. The non-dual (not two but one out of which all things arise) way of meditation that leads to an awakened heart in the most direct way I know. Ramana Maharshi, perhaps the best known teacher of the non-dual way here in the west, also instructed students to meditate this way.

During the meditation time we search inside ourselves for the “I” we most fundamentally believe ourselves to be. The work is to put all our attention on the inner feeling of “I”, holding that feeling for as long as possible. Aides in this quest are questions to pose to ourselves; "From where does this 'I' thought arise?" Or "Who am 'I'”?

What we discover is that the “I” which we believe to be our individual self in the world vanishes when searched for. In it's place appears Absolute Being. Residing effortlessly and constantly in unshakable Absolute Being is the Awakened State.

Format For Meditation:  
10:00 - 10:15: First Meditation 
10:20 - 10:50: Second Meditation
10:50 - 11:50: Third Meditation 
12:00 - 1:00: Fourth Meditation
 1:10 - 2:00: Fifth Meditation 

We sit in silence together most of the time and take breaks occasionally for walking meditation and brief discussions. Participants may come and go as they please while still respecting the silence.
Donation: Free

September 3 Sacred Circle 9AM - 11AM

When we sit together in Circle, we wait for inspiration; and when it comes, we speak it as the enlightened beings we know ourselves to be. Everyone is welcome to join us.
No reservations needed and there is no fee

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Sacred Circle - Ongoing Mondays  9am - 11am

As Leonard Cohen once said about the benefits of many years of meditation, 
"The less there was of me, the happier I got" 

Beloved Community,

There will be no labor for me this Labor Day Sunday. I'm taking a rest from my overly active brain and body. I plan on falling into the Premordial Blissful state of heart felt loving kindness, compassion and Oneness. I've become aware of my narcissism while writing these notes, and I'm realizing that I'd rather be hearing about your experiences than writing about mine. It takes a lot of effort to find the truth within my heart and mind. I almost used the generic pronoun "our" in this last sentence, but I've been chastised in the past for assuming that everyone else is having the same experience I am.

And so, I'll continue to write about my unique way of being in the oneness of us all. I woke up this morning knowing that I've got an over full day ahead of me... pressure washing the "mile" long driveway at the Snellville house, cleaning and running errands for my home bound cousin in Norcross, and finishing the mowing of the pasture here. Before even getting ready for my trips, I knew I needed to create a new story about my mission. Realizing that even our dogs, flies, and roaches tap into the truth about my intentions, I wanted to bless them all by having heart-felt loving energy.  

I awakened at 4am in hopes that I'd be in that state of being by 8am. Sometimes it takes that long to realize who "I" really am. From the moment I sat down in my comfy chair with I don't know how many of our 7 dogs in a circle around me, I felt the download of open hearted loving awareness. I didn't have to take the time to silence the thoughts in my head or schedule the activities of the awakening day. My heart was immediately flowing over with the ecstasy of the mystics and saints throughout the ages. That's what it feels like to be fully alive. Nothing is a chore if it's done with love and joy. Oh to be able to sustain that resonance!

I've shared this meditation experience that was graced in me this morning to entice you to take a sabbatical from your labor on Sunday and come Meditate with us as we explore our inner terrain from which the River of Life flows. Bert Levitt is our seasoned facilitator. 

Love, Nancy

Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child,
So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings;
Radiating kindness over the entire world
Spreading upwards to the skies, & downwards to the depths; Outwards & unbounded