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NaMestoy Farm is the legacy of two generations of Nancy and Martin Amestoys. The first generation, Nancy and Martin Amestoy, jr., started their eggplant farm in Boynton Beach, Florida in 1945. Starting in a small way, they increased their land to about 150 acres and employed 20-30 laborers. They wanted the farm to stay in the family, but after their passing the land was sold.

With the inheritance money Martin Amestoy III received from his parents, he purchased the 14 acre estate now named NaMestoy Farm. It was his plan to create a small scale organic farm and retreat center while easing into retirement.

Twenty-one days after moving in, Martin Amestoy III was killed while bicycling at Stone Mountain Park. His wife, Nancy, with the help of her children and friends, is continuing on with the vision her husband and his parents had in mind.

NaMestoy Farm not only takes its name from the two generations of Amestoys with the emphasis on the "N" for the Nancys and for "M" the Martins, it also contains the sacred name Nameste, which means The divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you.That is the type of relating we are encouraging and attempting to practice here at NaMestoy Farm.

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Directions to NaMestoy Farm (from south - Atlanta)

GA400N to Highway 369 west (left at light) 6.3 miles to right on Whitmire Road (Just past Wallace Tatum Road) 1.4 miles to property on right just past Matt's Landing. 7490 Whitmire Road, Cumming, 30028. 
Phone: 770-205-9358

We are able to provide customized services for your personal or group retreat. Meals can be included in your package. The choice of presentation will be dependent on the size of your participants and their needs.

Along with a number of bedrooms and baths there is a Full Sized One-Bedroom Apartment w/Bath, Full Living Room, Full Service Kitchen and Separate Garage & Entry. The apartment has its own view of the Pasture.

"The outdoor park like setting is bordered by Brewton Creek, a tributary of the Etowah River. The natural walking trails along the creek were created by Cherokee Indians who lived on the property years ago.  

In the lower level of the house there is a meditation room; a mirrored gym; a 3 person sauna; a game room with a beverage bar, large screen TV, and pool table; and a walk-out to the covered stone patio. A beautiful kidney shaped swimming pool has been added to the patio area."

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IIntroducing Tyler Schnepper's Victory Garden Market Place

My vision for my Victory Garden Market is to provide nutrient dense vegetables for a victory in my customer's nutrition, for the land in use, and for the laborers of the garden. I have a grand belief in locally grown produce since plants contain their highest concentration of vitamins and minerals at harvest and loose nutrient density as days go by. Most produce that our community consumes is from the grocery stores of which the produce may be weeks old, often contributing to the low amount of taste and thus nutrition. I plan to harvest my produce the same day as delivery or the day prior, granting my customers with that fresh garden taste and high nutrient content. 
  My goal for 2017 is to consistently grow 5-10 types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs within each season at a rate of 20-50 "shares" or "units" of each per week. In spring, I will grow, of which most is germinated and underway, arugula, salad mix, mustard greens, spinach, salad turnips and greens, salad radish, beets, carrots, sweet peas, kale, and collards. Summer will consist of summer squash, green beans, tomatoes both slicer and cherry, cucumber both slicer and pickling, okra, peppers, basil, cilantro, and lettuce. Fall will be similar to spring. I will also grow "shoots" of peas, sunflowers and radish which are very nutritious and great in smoothies or salads.  
  With that said, NaMestoy Farm has agreed to be a CSA drop off for boxes of mixed veggies weekly for those who prepay to me. I will be setting up a market stand for several hours once per week. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had at NaMestoy Farm ranging from my spirituality, meditation practice, gardening endeavors, and love. I feel as if your community is rather health oriented in the way they live and I have learned on my journey of growth that nutrition is KEY to a life of happiness, longevity and health (our intestines are now being noted as our "first brain"). 
  Thank you for taking the time to tune into my vision that I have deemed as my greatest contribution to society in this lifetime. I am by no means perfect in my practice but source continues to guide me and I know this to be my way. I know if anyone can understand this, it is you, Nancy!!
Much love!  
Tyler Schnepper, Fitness Professional/Market Gardener
(678) 641-1753