​Serene Retreat in North Georgia

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

Welcome to NaMestoyFarm

If you're looking for serenity and peace, you've come to the right place. At NaMestoyFarm we provide space for both personal and group retreats.There are 14 acres to roam, enjoy the natrual wooded beauty, gaze at the sunset, and literally smell the roses that bloom in abundant glory. NaMestoyFarm has been located in North Georgia since 2011. We look forward to your visit.

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Nancy Amestoy
                              Sacred Circle

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 Nancy's Notes​

I was having a pity party on my birthday. Carrie had just left
to return to New Orleans, Amy left in her yellow car to go North to 
reconnect with her family of origin. So what could I expect? I let everyone
who was left in the house know that all I wanted to do was go to Provinos. There's
one dish there that I really like, & it's free on birthdays. It was obvious that
no one else who was left in the house wanted to appease me. 

Carrie let me know that the signs for my birthday were catastrophic. But I was brave enough to
travel out into the world all by myself. She told me that I should be really careful
not to do anything dangerous. On my way alone to Provinos there was a
downpour of heavy rain, thunder & lightning. Wow! maybe Carrie was right.
The storm stopped the minute I arrived at my destination. I had picked up an old
weathered book by Archibald Rutledge. The title was "Love's Meaning."

Thankful for still being alive,I got a really friendly waitress. I told her my situation, and she acted like she understood. I told her that I'd like a table hidden away. She
was kind enough to find one in a dark alcove. I told her that it was my birthday and 
no one else wanted to join me. She said she understood. 

By the time I arrived safely home, all of my grievences were healed. Ryan was there 
to greet me and Ben had made a trip to Whole Foods to purchase an 
amazingly beautiful bouquet and some scrumptuous treats.​

Peter Vajda has this to say about our predicament:
Who among us has not been on some type of self-help journey at one point or another? Who among us bemoans the fact we're not experiencing inner peace, balance or harmony in our lives - or that we can't seem to bring about the change and transformation we're seeking?
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Zoom Meditation
 With Bert Levitt
(please check with Nancy)

June 13 & 27th

Bert has been meditating regularly since 1965, when he learned meditation techniques from a theosophist family in his home town. Over the years he has changed the way he meditates to fit whatever spiritual path he is pursuing, but the goal is always the same. Realization is what he is after. One definition of that would be to operate from a level of awareness that is based in direct perception of everything as identically arising from one nameless, and utterly mysterious ground that we are. 

"The Universe is activity. There is no such thing as inaction. Since there is no such thing as an individual apart from the Universe there is no such thing as individual action, just a totality of action everywhere. The Universe acts impersonally and we are simply the activity of the unfolding universe.
- The Bhagvad Gita  

"The concept of a divine, or "Christ" mind, is the idea that, at our core, we are not just identical, but actually the same being. "There is only one begotten Son" doesn't mean 
that someone else was it and we're not. It means we're all it. There's only one of us here."
Marianne Williamson.

 May we each locate the deepest part of ourselves, one that never changes, that is free of all content while paradoxically watching content come and go with no preference. I hope to see you Sunday.

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Sacred Circle 
Ongoing Mondays
9:30 - 11:00 am

Add a reminder to your calendar to join this enlightening group of humans each Monday rain or shine.
Don’t we look fun?!? We were in a pyramid then decided we didn’t want to intimidate anyone ;-)
Conversation topics such as: Psychomanteum, Zoom funerals, The BAmboo forest in Sandy Springs, The Great Wall, Duluth, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to the value of connecting to hobbies and passions. Many authors are discussed, philosophy, and creativity. There is almost always laughter and tears. Sometimes, one right after another. On a rare occasion you may view a dance with fire facilitated by Jack.  

***Shares will be limited to 7 minutes per person. Come with a share or trust what is needed will appear exactly at the right time.

We send you all love and trust you will be with us for future circles.  

Anyone interested in Yoga? Amy is willing and able to share her knowledge of Yin Yoga. She will even come to you! You can reach her best @ 404.502.7012. 

We gather in the dining room where there is lots of air circulation and social
distancing. We are listening for better ways to connect with one another and trust that guidance will come as we go into the Silence and speak our truth. We are interested
in everyone's perspective. We wait for inspiration; and when it comes, we speak it as the enlightened beings we know ourselves to be.
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